**Building a more inclusive and caring society through integrated movement practices including dance, acrobatics and yoga**

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Come play with us!

Lets lift each other up!

Uplifting: noun, 1. raising, elevation
2. improvement, encouragement, enlightenment
3. moment of joy

Stunts: noun, 1. sensational or acrobatic feats
2. anything done to attract attention (Yours!)

Yoga, Dance and Circus disciplines provide both physical and mental health benefits for participants, increasing physical fitness (makings day to day tasks such as lifting and carrying easier) as well as increasing confidence through overcoming challenges) and giving you a happiness buzz (play is the best medicine!).  Our sessions will always involve group/partner work, which builds community through supporting, laughing and connecting with others. One of our teachers is disabled, so we have an understanding and awareness of adaptation of movement and how to use creativity to overcome obstacles, but we are equally capable of teaching and challenging non-disabled students. We firmly believe that the integration of disabled and non-disabled participants in class encourages a better understanding of difference in our society, making our whole community more tolerant and inclusive.

We challenge YOU to TAKE RISKS in a safe environment; to break your existing movement patterns and MOVE in non-habitual ways; to attract your own attention and TAKE NOTICE of what is going on in your body; to CONNECT with others.

All with the aim of making YOU FEEL AMAZING!

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